Beauty Out of Brokenness

In 2009 in celebration of Centenary’s 125th anniversary, a Celtic cross was created by mosaic artist, Susan Walden symbolizing the exquisite beauty of the diversity for which we strive.


We live in a broken world.

Imperfect systems, polarized factions

broken people hiding their jagged edges

feigning wholeness.

We all fall down sometimes.

Hearts are broken, hopes shattered,

grief and praise inextricably linked.

fully expressed and healed only in community.

Together we find strength & courage.


Centenary is filled with wonderfully diverse people of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities.

People with different lifestyles,

backgrounds and experiences

All seeking to be open and honest,

willing to confess their broken places,

seeking to come together to build

a different sort of faith community

that unites a fragmented humanity.


You are invited to find your place

in the Divine circle.

Join us as together we create

a unique and lasting work of art.