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"Encountering Jesus" Sermon Series

11:00 AM Sundays

Are you longing for a faith that is fresh and alive? Are you looking for ways to live into your faith on a daily basis?  We invite you to experience the life and teachings of Jesus anew in a sermon series that will take us through the season of Lent and beyond. “Encountering Jesus” is sure to enlighten and empower. Here’s an overview of the series and our schedule of services and events.


February 18   Encountering Jesus: Series Introduction

February 25  Encountering Jesus:

                        Jesus, the Jew with a Scandalous Message

March 4th      Encountering Jesus: Jesus, the Storyteller

                         Holy Communion

March 11th      Encountering Jesus: Jesus and the Fringe

March 18th     Encountering Jesus: Jesus and the Cross

March 25th    Palm Sunday Encountering Jesus:

                         Jesus and the Kingdom of God

                         Egg Hunt & Picnic following worship                

March 29th    Holy Thursday Evening Communion Service

April 1st         Easter Sunday

                         Encountering Jesus: A Matter of Life and Death

April 8th        Encountering Jesus: Jesus and Doubt

April 15th       Encountering Jesus: Who Do YOU Say That I Am?