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World Communion Sunday

Join us as we celebrate World Communion Sunday. All around the world, followers of Jesus gather to celebrate this Holy Sacrament, this ritual of remembrance. In this time of great division and conflict in our nation and our world, this simple act gives us hope and binds us together as one body.

Whether shared in a grand cathedral, a mud hut, outside on a hilltop, in a meetinghouse, or in a storefront, we celebrate the communion liturgy in as many ways as there are congregations. It is both a profound worship experience and a time for learning more about our wider community of faith, despite our differences.

This is not a table of scarcity, judgement, or exclusion!

It is a table of abundance, grace, acceptance and inclusion.

The Bread of Life and Cup of Blessing are meant to be shared not just in the church but in the world.

This table, this sacrament, this ritual is not about ‘right’ belief but belonging.

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