A Fresh Approach to Church

Centenary is an openhearted, justice-seeking, everybody-loving, theologically progressive community.

We believe we are beloved: just as we are today, and as we are becoming.


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We seek to build community,

both inside and outside of the church.

We are saints and sinners seeking to grow spiritually,

 to know and serve God and

 to support one another in this journey of life.


We are followers of Jesus and take seriously his teachings.

We believe that everyone is a cherished Child of God

worthy of respect, acceptance and love.

Such were and are the teachings of Jesus.

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Our worship of God is genuine and passionate,

whatever its form - sometimes traditional, sometimes not.

In worship God does surprising things.

We desire to be a community that reflects

the grand diversity of the Kingdom of God,

rich and poor, young and old,

persons of every color and condition. We welcome and

celebrate people of all nationalities, races, ethnicities,

sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.

We actively seek to serve one another, and,

to positively impact the community around us.

We believe that in community at its best,

the privileged and the poor learn from and support one another.

Centenary is a place where we recognizethat everyone has something to teach us

The language of God is distinctly inclusive.

The voice of God is heard through a variety of traditions, worship experiences, and theological perspectives.

Differences are embraced.
Questions are encouraged rather than feared.
Honesty is valued.

We are a called people who believe God brings people to Centenary for a Divine purpose.